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[EN] Download bot Lineage 2 Adrenaline 1.71 Cracked

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If your anitivirus or Windows defender deny to extract archive, allow suspected file on device or add it to exception list.


1) Download bot Adrenaline: Download (mirror)

2) Extract the archive. The password is l2kot

3) Open properties of file 1.exe, bookmark "Compatibility", enable "Run this program as an administrator", save.

Repeat the same for files 2.exe and Notepad.exe

4) Run 1.exe , press Start , minimize

5) Run 2.exe, select path to Notepad.exe, and press Open. You don't need to have spaces in path to the file.

6) Run client Lineage  Interlude (l2.exe in system folder)

7) If you did everything correct, you will see the name of your character in the list.


In future for Adrenaline running you just need to run 1.exe, press Start, run 2.exe and Run Lineage 2.

Download maps for Arenalin bot

Video-manual how to run and setup bot Adrenaline for Lineage 2


P.S. if you have problems with Adrenalin running (license error) - upload the bot to the external flashdrive and try to run from there. Also try to change USB port.

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